In the words of Lionel Richie, “Hello…”


My name is Sam, and this is my brand new blog.

I have been reluctant to commit to this for a while now but it would appear the time has come to embrace what the kids are calling the ‘professional blog’.

I am starting it with the best intentions of keeping an online record of my work as a journalist, inspired largely by articles such as this and hundreds of other journalistic gems hidden within the deepest corners of the world wide web.

For the record I am an online journalist at a local newspaper in England. My job involves a mixture of ‘regular’ journalism and increasingly exciting things involving video cameras, editing software and post-it notes with phone numbers that mean nothing to me.

This is essentially an exercise in self-promotion, as recommended by Mindy McAdams, but I would like to think it is also a new addition to an increasingly saturated market of journalists talking about journalism.

Along with championing my own work, I will use this blog as a place to post links to other much more accomplished writers and broadcasters, some of whom are friends and some merely idols.

I hope it will prove interesting to gain an insight into the world of local journalism through the eyes of a trainee reporter with the added slant of multimedia.

I hope I don’t come across as too pompous or snobbish. Please leave comments as you wish, because as I was probably told at a conference somewhere once, a blog is nothing without two-way contribution.



2 thoughts on “In the words of Lionel Richie, “Hello…”

  1. Oliver Florence says:

    Congratulations on your blog. I know you were saying just the other day that you thought maybe blogs were dead as nobody was reading them anymore so it’s good to see that you are tackling the problem head on by launching a new one.

  2. Shamik says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging! 😉

    You now have the freedom to write about absolutely anything; no word counts, tight writing, impartiality or any of that crap!


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