Diary of a Twitter virgin


Last week I wrote about my confusion and indifference to the new social networking craze, Twitter.

I was challenged by a devout Twitter user to give it a go.

Here is my week-long diary of a Twitter virgin.

Thursday September 18

In an attempt to show I am a man of my word, I have signed up, found a couple of ‘friends’ and updated for the first time:

‘Losing my Twitter virginity’.

It told me I needed to enter my phone number so I could update from my mobile, but I declined  – some things are sacred, as C.P Scott probably didn’t say.

Friday  September 19

This Twitter thing must be more addictive than I thought – I log on at work and check the site before Facebook or my personal email.

In the spirit of sharing journalistic experiences, I send my second ‘Tweet’ (I’m sure those in the know will tell me I’m using the lingo wrong…)

‘Uploading two hours of footage from Surrey council tax debate…’

Not the most thrilling update you’ll ever come across, but as I’m still sceptical about sharing my personal life I decide to keep it work-related for now.

I now have one person following me and I am following seven, four of whom I know and three who are purely media idols.

I am not sure whether the aim is to accrue as many friends as possible, like Myspace and Facebook, or simply to add people who you might actually want to talk to.

Saturday September 20

It’s the weekend, so normally I would try to steer clear of anything work related, but I am in Guildford for two video shoots so I take the opportunity to Tweet about it.

I now have two people following me, and the best thing about Twitter so far is that it allowed me to find about about this incredibly stupid but stupidly incredible game, with which I have become slighly obsessed.

Still unsure about the purpose of the whole thing, I decide to ask a question about embedding video into a blog. I get no response.

Monday September 21

I log on to find people from Manchester talking about the Labour Party conference. I have nothing to add, so I add nothing.

I am beginning to think the reason I am not getting much out of Twitter is because I don’t have enough friends who use it.

It is possible to search for friends who Tweet by entering your email address, but for all I know there could be literally hundreds of my friends around here and I’ll never know.

Unlikely though.

Wednesday September 22

So that was not quite a week of not quite getting to grips with Twitter.

A few things strike me.

It’s a great way to share links and send short updates whilst ‘on the go’, but really it’s just an extremely basic version of Facebook.

It doesn’t work if your friends don’t use it, and it also doesn’t work if you don’t fully embrace the concept of telling the world what you’re doing while you’re doing it. Both of these apply to me.

Considering I have a fairly addictive personality when it comes to social networking sites and online time-wasting applications, you would think Twitter would be made for me. But you would be wrong.

I am glad I accepted the challenge and I will doubtless occasionally log on in the future just to see if anything has changed, but I’m afraid Twitter remains too much of a niche for me to fully embrace.


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