Kenelis live at the West End Centre, 23.01.08


Kenelis continued their unstoppable rise with the official launch of their debut album at Aldershot’s West End Centre on Friday night.

The Farnborough group, who released ‘Remember How It Felt’ through their own label on Monday, headlined the gig to celebrate five years of hard work and a record which can sit proudly alongside any British debut you will hear this year.

The night kicked off with young Guildford band District 6, whose skill and composure in the limelight belied their tender years.

Camberley’s Spectrum 7 continued the build up, taking to the stage in matching check shirts with fashionably high guitars and an expensive-sounding drum machine.

They have energy and enthusiasm to spare, but lend an ear to their Myspace because the studio environment evidently does more justice to their tunes.

Kenelis exploded onto the stage and immediately showed why they have been attracting so much attention lately.

Singer Mel Sanson is a rock powerhouse, thrashing her head from side to side and belting out angst-ridden songs like it’s her last night on stage.

Guitarist Andy Seabrook-Harris is a perfect foil for Sanson’s manic persona, moving effortlessly between crunching riffs and more subtle sounds.

Joking about a major-label conspiracy to cover up the band’s Christmas number one – a nod to the group’s ironic Facebook campaign to secure the festive top spot – Sanson was in jovial form and her energy radiated around the venue.

Highlights included acoustic-led number ‘Drained’ and the dizzying thrash metal of ‘Nobody Sees Me But You’.

For those in the crowd lucky enough to have already heard and absorbed the album, this gig was confirmation of the band’s power and talent.

For those yet to hear it, they will surely be logging on to iTunes or visiting their local music outlet to immerse themselves in the crazy world of this promising band.

To see my video from Friday’s gig, click here.


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