A face for radio


The music fades away. “Coming to you soon, Sam.” My mouth is dry. My heart is pounding. My sweaty, shaking hands can barely hold the phone to my ear. This is it. Showtime.

If you think this sounds like some kind of traumatic nightmare, you wouldn’t be far from the truth. But no, it was real. On Thursday I was interviewed by Jeremy Vine live on BBC Radio 2 as part of their discussion on domestic violence.

Earlier in the week a trial at the Old Bailey had come to an end, with 63-year-old Brian Gibbs jailed for four-and-a-half years for attacking his wife with a pair of scissors after he found out she’d been having an affair with his best man.

The producers at Radio 2 contacted Get Surrey to ask if I would speak about the trial. We carefully drafted some questions and my answers to them, and before I knew what was happening I was live to the nation, desperately trying to make it sound like I wasn’t reading from a script.

I think it went ok. I managed not to swear or vomit or tell Mr Vine I’d slept with his granddaughter, but I haven’t been that nervous for a long time. Despite acting in dozens of plays as a teenager and spending two years as a presenter on student radio, something happens to me when I’m put on the spot like that.

Anyway, nice Mr Vine asked all the questions he was supposed to and the disembodied voice said “thanks, well done” and it was over. The discussion continued but I put the phone down. I looked around the newsroom and everything was continuing as normal.

It was like it never happened.

To listen again, click here and scroll to around 1hour 5mins.


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