My African adventure: the EAP volunteers

by Sam Blackledge

I am spending my time in Uganda with a group of 15 university students who have given up their summer to volunteer with East African Playgrounds. Here are some of their thoughts on the project.

Tom Unsworth, 22, recently graduated from the University of Leeds

“The charity is always growing, and that is a testament to how much work Carla and Tom (co-founders) put into it. They are always working to improve the little things, they won’t be satisfied with something unless they think it’s running perfectly every time.

“Every project is special in its own way. It’s scary at first but I always enjoy it massively, and at the end we feel like we have achieved something.”

Niral Patel, 22, from London, studying at the University of Leeds

“When you are a child in the west, play time is something you really look forward to. It gives you purpose and enjoyment.

“This is a great cause and it has been an incredible experience so far. For the first two days you are just getting used to how they do things around here, but once you’re focused on the work it’s great. You realise how much this really means and how much the kids want to get involved in helping us.

“It’s nothing short of a miracle. It’s one thing seeing this kind of thing on TV, but it’s a totally different experience when you’re out here.”

Rosie Barraud, 20, studying at the University of Sussex

“It has been really good, I have had lots of fun. Some parts have been quite hard, but I expected that.

“The kids need a playground so they will stay out of trouble, and it means they will concentrate more in class.”

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