A very social New Year

Some people swear off fags and booze

Or vow to take more risks

But this New Year I’m cutting out

A very modern fix

I’ll only text in moderation

Bite my thumbs, avoid temptation

Try to watch how much I tweet

Facebook as a special treat

Instagram use sparingly

Timehop is not kind to me

Google + gets me confused

All these circles, all this news

Can LinkedIn help my networking?

BuzzFeed give me zest and zing?

I must ignore my score on Klout

It’s not worth writing home about

Perhaps I’ll go out to the fair

Track my progress on FourSquare

A bit of video with Keek

To meet my quota for the week

Shazam in case I hear a song

GPS if I go wrong

This backlit world of apps and screens

Is seeping in to all my dreams

So maybe this year I’ll atone

I’ll lift my head up from my phone

On this my sanity depends

My health, my strength, my real friends

To paraphrase my future wife:

“Ditch the gadgets. Get a life”


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