Election diary part 8: Blocking out the haters

Getting busier every day. Had a summit meeting with editors. Rambled on about all my ideas. Made plans for election night. Four weeks to go. Must stock up on coffee and Pro Plus.

Feeling excited about how we’re covering the campaign. Video is a huge part of it. For a long time I was resistant to what I saw as gimmicks to attract the most number of viewers. But I am coming round to the view that our job is entertainment just as much as information.

Went canvassing with Johnny Mercer and his team in Southway. We’ve had our differences over the last couple of years but we’re getting on much better now. Asked him some challenging questions, shared tips for blocking out the haters, then talked about cricket and our children.

Full list of candidates to be finalised tomorrow. Still not heard a whisper from UKIP.

I’m hosting a live hustings event next Thursday. Nervous already. Must stock up on alcohol.

Follow The Herald’s election coverage here.

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One thought on “Election diary part 8: Blocking out the haters

  1. Looking forward to hearing his reasons for blocking so many people on social media channels

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